Cassie Donsbach


Cassie is a CCC-Speech-Language Pathologist and a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist. She has special interests in working with clients who are language delayed, deaf and hard of hearing, and children with Autism. Her interest in the field originated from childhood when her younger brother was diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss and a language delay. He began therapy where he learned to use his hearing aids to listen and develop spoken language. Cassie was immediately involved in his therapy and has had a passion to partner with families and guide them on their journey ever since. Cassie obtained her BS and MS from Marshall University in West Virginia. She has experience providing services within the school system, at a preschool for the deaf and hard of hearing, within a clinic, and in the home setting. She has been serving children with various communication disorders, including hearing loss, autism, and language delays, within the home environment and school system. She strives for sessions with high parent involvement that keep kids engaged and motivated. She also has experience working with children with Autism and is trained in behavior management techniques. Cassie has experience with sign language and PECS. She started working with Pediatric Speech and Language Services in October 2017 and became a Certified Listening and Spoken Language Certified Auditory Verbal Therapists in 2021.